Timber frames… An old art that maintains
PRW has evolved out of my own need for reclaimed timbers. Wanting to build a timber framed home from reclaimed timbers I set out to find & dismantle a barn. My first barn was a 50’ by 60’ barn with oak timbers from the 19th century. It was then that my passion for this style of architecture and craftsmanship evolved. The craftsmanship is like none other. The men who built & erected these barns had such great skill.

Heavy timber barn structures are one of the last physical reminders of the pre-industrial agricultural heritage. The efficient timber structures reflect the practical construction & skills of the European immigrants who had settled in the area. These barns are now rapidly disappearing from our landscapes to make way for new construction. Help reclaim, respect, and remember our barns. We look forward to reclaiming a piece of history & reusing it in many ways.