Unique Beauty…Nature creates no two trees alike
Each barn is completely unique due to the lack of uniformity of each beam. The appearance & characters of weathered reclaimed aged wood with its mellowness & patina cannot be duplicated in new wood. The beams naturally age & have an incredible look. Rich with color, they are often further enhanced with character marks as a result of when the materials served its part of a working structure. These marks include nail and hardware holes, mortise pockets, and checks/cracks and weather worn marks that evolve over time.

PRW offers a wide variety of Reclaimed wood products including:

I am further pleased to find new ways to use the timbers. It is amazing to be able to reuse it in its entirety for a barn or a home, but there are more uses than this. The aged beams create a beautiful look that cannot be replicated.

Whether your application is structural or not, reclaimed wood enhances your interior & exterior projects. These timbers are incredible for mantels, trellis, flooring, furniture, beams for exposed ceilings…

All PRW wood products are 100% recycled, keeping our environment clean & green.

Inventory of Barns
PRW preserves a sizeable inventory of barns in various styles. Every barn has its own distinctive style that has endured the test of time and Mother Nature. These timber frame buildings were built with heavy timbers harvested from original stands of old growth forests that gives it an unmatched quality and character. Their sturdy exterior appearance gives little indication of the complex framework within. Each barn is unique in the position and placement of its columns, braces and supporting beams. The massive exposed timbers have a beautiful vintage patina that is rich with color. The beauty and character of these historic structures that were constructed by the hands of true craftsmen make a wonderful conversion into a home, business, studio, office, or back into a workable barn. With the simplicity of the layout and the spacious floor plan, the possibilities of the structure are unlimited.

Barns are testimony to a disappearing way of life. By saving these historic structures we are preserving America’s agricultural history and protecting the harvesting of old and new growth trees.

PRW barn frames are priced separately and generally price at 20 to 30 dollars a sq ft. Based on overall size of the footprint (40x50 barn would = 2000sq ft). The price of the frame includes all posts, beams, rafters, purlins, and rafter plates. Each frame is photographed, measured and documented. Then it is carefully dismantled and loaded for shipment to the PRW workshop. Once the frame arrives at the PRW workshop it is then de-nailed, repairs made, restored, cleaned and stored; waiting to be reassembled at its new location.

  • Our inventory continually changes, so please contact us for pricing and available barns.

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